News from Gadais, Muscadet


We are pleased to bring you some news from our Muscadet producer, Gadais Père et Fils.

One night, a few hours at -3°c.

A rather dry winter, a mild spring until mid April: it was all that was needed to start with early vegetation. And as often under such circumstances, the winemaker looking at the weather forecast was not optimistic when the nights of April 20th and those of the 26th and 27th were announced at -3 ° C, even maybe -4 ° C.

On the previous newsletter, we said that 2016 had not been an easy ride. We can now write that the profession of a winegrower is not a restful job but that it often brings us beautiful satisfaction.
Spring frost: 40% to 50% crop loss at Gadais père et fils
A large part of the French vineyard was not spared by the spring frosts. In the Nantes area, Muscadet will see its production halved; the oscillating damage between 0 and 100%. Means of control are under study. They require heavy financial investments (an antifreeze tower type wind turbine costs from 40 to 45 000 euros) for a protected area often ludicrous (maximum 4 hectares). The government has taken the case to examine all forms of aid, subsidies and financing. To be continued …

 Flowering in two stages, three movements

The period of flowering is also important to ensure an interesting harvest. With production potential affected because of the reasons mentioned above, the hot and dry weather of late May / early June allowed for a flowering guns blazing. If too few grapillons have emerged from the secondary bud, they will not mature at the same time as the clusters spared by frost. This will certainly require manual harvesting certain plots in two stages, thereby lengthening the harvest time. One thing is certain: between 90 and 92 days between the flower and the harvest, we can now estimate a beginning of harvest around the 24th of August.

Two Michelin Stars, the restaurateur of Joigny seduced by Muscadet Gadais

Jean-Bernard Breuillé, former sales manager at Brocard in Chablis, set up his own wine agency. Congratulations and thanks to him for having imposed on Burgundy soil the Muscadet “Perrières Monopole” at the restaurant “La Côte Saint Jacques Joigny”

And the best sommelier in the world also loves the Muscadet Gadais

Vinexpo, the largest wine trade fair in the world, was the theatre of conference, presentations and other tastings that were more surprising than the others, on the fringe of countless stands of producers from all over the world.

In this way, Arvid Rosengren, best sommelier of the world in 2016, wanted to make people taste blind and discover Muscadet “Vieilles Vignes” Domaine Gadais. According to him, this little known appellation is regaining its reputation and has a future ahead mapped out.

The best sommelier in Europe in 2013, asked Pierre Henri Gadais to do a presentation – in English – about the vineyard and the family estate. During this “Vinexpo Challenge” and in front of an audience of more than 100 people made up of South American journalists, Asian importers, American and Canadian restaurateurs, the Swedish sommelier chose to highlight underrated wine regions “such as Muscadet or Xeres, despite their potential in food and wine and often very attractive prices”

With all modesty, Arvid Rosengren concluded: “Contrary to what is said, blind tasting is very little a matter of talent, but of training”

You have been warned!

 Gadais family – Louis Gadais
After Romain (the fisherman) and Pierre Henri (the winegrower), Louis is the youngest of the Gadais siblings. He turned his attention to oenology. After a noteworthy course and internships at Talbot and Smith Haut Laffite, he has just successfully obtained his national diploma of oenologist after two years of studies at the faculty of oenology of Bordeaux. The precious title was presented to him during a solemn evening in the framework of the prestigious Château Carbonnieux in Pessac Léognan.

Since last week, he has been assistant technical director at the Château de Beauregard in Pomerol.