Kreydenweiss Newsletter

Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss takes us through the harvest 2016, the latest news at the Domaine and what we can expect from them soon….


 The construction of a wooden cellar, isolated with natural wool is rare in the south. A continuity to affirm our commitment not only in the cultivation of vineyards in biodynamics, but also in a healthy setting, where ecology takes priority.

The new cellar

An environment for the ageing of our wines in barrels, half-barrels and casks.

Not for an oaky style, but to allow our wines to maintain their terroir. This light oxygenation through the wood will refine them.

A strong impulse that leads us to a thoughtful and meticulous work


“Producing a great wine involves drive, dedication to each moment and lots of love” 

On the human side, Marcel, our colleague from the beginning of this adventure, has now retired. He is replaced by Cédric, to whom we have given responsibility of vine management.

Jean, our son back from a trip to New Zealand and Asia, has also joined us to take care of the cellar, and also inject his youth and innovative ideas.                                                                

Cédric and Jean

As for the vines, we are facing increasingly hot vintages, which is why we decided not to plough the vines anymore and to keep a soil covered with vegetation. We sow rye, radishes, vetch and clover. Grenache is the grape variety that is increasing in our land, it encourages us to replant.

In the cellar, the short macerations are now required as we are constantly in search of fine wines.

A Domaine philosophy is a work of continuous improvement, research and personal involvement. We are fortunate that all the people of the Domaine work for the same purpose – defending human values, terroir value and that of a great wine.



[…] Kastelberg is made of black schist. This Cru has always been planted with only one grape variety, Riesling. The layer of earth is almost non-existent there, so that every time the vine growers replant the vine, they use the crow bar to perforate this rock! Yet – and this is one of the Qualities of the great terroirs – this rock releases clay in depth, useful for the survival of the vine. […] The Kastelberg is distinguished by its delicacy and subtle shades, with an energy which always happens in the second part in the mouth. Thanks to his father Marc, Antoine Kreydenweiss has always been in touch with biodynamics and has made the estate evolve towards more chiseled wines, with the use of homeopathic sulfur.


A pioneer of biodynamics, the Domaine goes a long way in respect of the soil: horse, winch, plantation at 10,000 feet and site mention on the label: “I sell above all else plots, but I keep the name of the grape on the back-label, we are still in the phase of consumer education. ”

The Domaine excels in the manufacture of soil extract. Then, of course, the quantities are limited and the wines sold by allowance. That is why you will only find them in the wine shops. The Grand Cru Kastelberg 2013 fermented for a long, long time: the sub-soil schist marks the Riesling tannins, whose entire berries reached a perfect balance.

PELERIN N° 6981 – 15 SEPTEMBRE 2016

Antoine took over the reins of the family estate in 2007, and this young winemaker of the 13th generation, heavily engaged in biodynamic culture, raises its wines in casks more than a century old. “That way, the wines touch our ancestors, “he said. The estate enjoys exceptional terroirs.

In the Kreydenweiss style – finesse, minerality and freshness – Antoine adds more depth every day and lets nature take its course to the maximum.

“I prefer the strong expression of the place where the wines are born, to the technological work in the cellar. “Over time, our range has achieved homogeneity, a signature.

“They are wines with a beautiful texture, a certain touch and of a certain thickness. They are not opulent wines, but rather elegant, with a fine acidity and a remarkable freshness. As the Riesling Andlau shows, an acclaimed “entry-level”.

SOIF D’AUJOURD’HUI – 2016 The Blissful Antoine

Marc has given full responsibility of his Domaine to his son Antoine, thirty-two. He preferred stepping aside, heading south, resuscitating its wine-growing appetite in the costières-de-nîmes. Not easy for a son to take over from such a charismatic father, incarnation of the revival of a demanding organic then biodynamic viticulture in Alsace in the 1990s.

In just a few years, Antoine set up his vision of wine. Longer maturation, less sulfites, longer ageing to reach a perfect stabilization. All this has benefited the texture, the chew of the whites, their taste in the mouth, less to the stereotype of their aromatics. Honestly, it only rumbles a handful of sommeliers who stayed at the boring stage of the aromas of Alsatian grape varieties in yeast. Antoine’s wines are alive sometimes in their sleep, with more days with, than days without. Putting the wines through the Carafe a few hours before tasting if possible.

Riesling Grand Cru Kastelberg 2013

This schist terroir gives power to a finely tannic mouth, sweet spicy notes (cinnamon, curry) particularly generous and persistent for the vintage.



A year of human evolution in the Domaine

Marcel, after 16 years of intense involvement took a well-deserved retirement. After a long search for a benevolent successor, Cédric joined. Jean, our son, after studying the wine trade and a year of work in New Zealand makes its marks in the Domaine. It’s the first vintage with this new young and dynamic team.

2016: changeable weather and frequent moisture changes increased vigilance, luckily our experience has allowed us to stay on course. It is during these difficult moments that Biodynamic practices are the most useful. To overcome our fears of not making a good vintage and to keep up expectations in producing the best.

The outcome is a small harvest for Carignan and Grenache, and satisfactory for Syrah and Mourvèdre.

Picking at the right ripeness, healthy grapes with short fermentation, today gives us silky wines and moderate alcohol levels: Grimaudes 12.5 ° – Perrières 13 ° – and a Grimaudes Rosé crunching at 12 °.

Nos grandes cuvées vont se faire rares cette année.

Our top cuvées are going to be scarce this year.

Yet Ange is getting confident, this white wine in maceration makes us sail in a new aromatic sphere. Ka and Ansata, true to form, mix finesse and elegance. Again, a very beautiful vintage.


Region in extreme conditions: after 6 months of rain … 6 months of drought.

In other words, the vintage was intense and physical.

The strong pressure of mildew (cryptogamic disease affecting the vine due to spring conditions: cold and wet weather), which was relentless, kept us alert. One problem chasing another, the rain was replaced by a severe drought starting in July.

Our efforts throughout the year were rewarded during the harvest. Beautiful grapes, and decent yields except on the Clos du Val d’Eléon (15hl / ha) and the Moenchberg Grand Cru (25 hl / ha) where fungus defeated us.

Clos du Val D’Eleon

The harvest took place under calm and balanced conditions. We benefited from good climatic conditions and waited for the grapes to reach their full maturity in each of our plots. It is for this reason that the harvest lasted for almost five weeks.

In the end, the wines in the cellar offer a superb freshness and a beautiful tightness.

Also, a very strong terroir expression. Wines as we love them

Young vines at grand cru Kirchberg de Barr


In Andlau, we are currently bottling several wines of our Alsace range. Work is really intense right now, between bottling and rapid growth of the vegetation.

But we are obviously delighted to be able to present our new vintage, as well as the work of the 2016 vintage.

Close to 2015, the new vintage 2016 is dry, with a clear and precise structure. It is also elegant and fresh, revealing a superb expression of terroir.

The new label was created by Gabriel Georger, an Alsatian blacksmith. In order to realize his work, he needed a full week of work for this unique piece, a size of 9cm in diameter, and 65 layers of damask steel overlay!

These are the new wines that will be available soon:

 Andlau Riesling 2016: a dry riesling, with a very fine acidity and elegant floral notes.

Lerchenberg Pinot Gris 2016: a fresh and elegant grey pinot in the “Kreydenweiss style”. The light smoky notes emphasize the straightness of the wine in the mouth.

Kritt Gewurztraminer 2016: slightly soft, supple and elegant, in the “Kreydenweiss style”, with typical aromas of spices, fine acidity.

Clos du Val d’Eléon 2016: one of our greatest successes of the vintage, a great expression of mineral blue shales and an incredible length. Frank and racy, a wine as one likes.

Clos Rebberg 2015: despite the solar vintage, the wine reveals strongly its soil of blue schist, right acidity, mineral tannins. An incredible volume in the mouth. Small production.

Moenchberg Grand Cru Pinot Gris 2015: a superb palette of aromas, soft and supple texture in the mouth. Generous, like the vintage. The final reveals a beautiful tension, without heaviness.

Kritt Pinot Blanc 2016 will be available in early July. Our recent cellar tastings presage a promising, fruity and elegant vintage, representative of the vintage

Zoé and Juliette