Les Allées de Cantemerle

The second wine of Cru Classé Château Cantemerle at the gateway to the Médoc. Ready for younger drinking than its older brother. Produced with the same care.


60% Cabernet-sauvignon

40% Merlot

Vineyard & Vinification Note

Terroir: Cantemerle soil is a mixture of silica and gravel. The gravels, which appeared as a result of thousand-year-old erosion of the Pyrenees by the river Garonne, form one of the fundamental elements of a quality vineyard. They form poor soils where the vines struggle to give rise to grapes with high concentration.

Besides this, the small pebbles in the soil fulfill the role of a filter and actively contribute to grape maturity by reflecting the sun’s rays and, during the night, retaining the heat soaked up in the day. Over the years, the vine’s root system searches deeper in the soil for its nutrients and consequently acquires more of the typicity of the terroir in which it is planted.

Wine making

The grapes are handpicked and sorted with the greatest of care. Grapes from each separate plot are fermented separately in large oak vats, allowing for slow, gentle extraction of the tannins.

The wine is aged in barrels for twelve months and then fined before bottling at the château.

Tasting Note

Château Cantemerle’s younger sibling displays the same elegance as its older brother, showing the attractive blackcurrant and tobacco aromas which are the dominant characteristics of its terroir. In the mouth its tannins are marvellously silky, with an expansive finesse and freshness producing a well-knit, etherial wine. For all its charm this wine will continue to evolve as this is a vintage which has not yet fully developed everywhere in the Médoc. It possesses an aromatic potential that a little patience and good cellaring will soon reveal.

Food Pairing

Pairs well with beef, lamb, duck magret.