Bodegas Montebaco Harvest 2021 - Ribera del Duero
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Catching up with Manuel Esteban from Bodegas Montebaco….

Here in Finca Caranorte picking up the last samples to decide when to harvest.

For good or bad, this is a special area within the Duero region.

It is quite high, the highest part of Valladodid province. Up there it’s 900m above sea level and all the vineyard is between 840m and 890m above sea level.

With very limestone soils and some plots, like this one, north-facing so you have very cool soils, which means they normally need more time to reach a proper ripeness for wine-making…

First grapes picked: 5th October 2021

Last grapes picked: 12th October 2021

Watch the full video here