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Celebrate Pinot Noir Day with Champagne
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It’s Pinot Noir Day on the 18th of August—an international day to celebrate one of the world’s most famous wine grapes.

Pinot Noir is named due to the dark colour of the grapes, and the clusters have small, very tight grapes and look like a pinecone, hence why it is called “pinot”.

Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned grape that doesn’t offer the protection of thicker-skinned grapes. It is a temperamental grape. The tight clusters require careful management, low yields, perfect sanitary conditions, and careful vinification to express their fruit and elegance.

Pinot Noir produces velvety wines with flavours of ripe cherries, wild strawberries, and crushed berries. Rich, complex, elegant, and silky wines often describe Pinot Noirs.

It is a grape high in acidity and lower in tannins, making it a perfect food match.

Most people associate Pinot Noir with its birthplace in Burgundy, but it has been the most popular grape in New Zealand for several years and has grown successfully. Pinot Noir strives for cooler climates.

Another area where Pinot Noir is king is the Champagne region, where it accounts for 38% of the area under vine.

So how about celebrating Pinot Noir Day with 100% Pinot Noir from Champagne?

Champagne Thiénot Cuvée Garance is a Blanc de Rouges and 100% Pinot Noir of which 50% Grand Crus and 50% Premier Crus. It is a wine full of character and charm, powerful and elegant at the same time.

How will you be celebrating Pinot Noir Day?

Thiénot Cuvée Garance Blanc de Rouges, 2011-more info

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