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Champagne Thiénot at Gararock
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Christophe Galez chats with Jeff Ward from Gararock Hotel about their beautiful establishment and Jeff’s love for champagne Thiénot!

Watch the video here

“Good morning, we are here in beautiful South Devon near Salcombe in one of the Country’s best Boutique Hotel, called Gararock. The view is just breath taking. I hope you can see it from where you are!”

I am here with my friend Jeff Ward, who is the Operations Director at Gararock and also a true champagne aficionado. I’d like to ask Jeff a few questions.

Can you describe Gararock in a few words?

“We have a beautiful resort, literally on the cliff tops and adjacent to Salcombe. We’ve got a fairly extensive F&B outlet and some beautiful accommodation all overlooking the sea. A beautiful place!”

I can confirm that!

I believe you’d had a long history with Thiénot, can you actually remember when you first discovered Thiénot?

“I can, very well indeed in fact, I was General Manager in Cannizaro House in Wimbledon and I was fortunate enough to meet my friend, back in 2006 so a long time ago.”

I remember these days! Did you ever have the chance of visiting the Thiénot family in Reims?

“I was extraordinarily fortunate to be invited. I met Alain, Stan and Garance and just had an amazing time. Beautifully looked after and what an amazing place!!”

Great, why did you choose Thiénot for Gararock?

“Very simple answer, it’s the best!”

Well, here we go!

“It is the best!”

Final question, I’d like to ask you is have you got a favourite Cuvée from the Thiénot range?

“Personally, the rosé, I just adore it! Without question if I am celebrating anything, it’s got to be a bottle of rosé.”

Very good, thanks a lot Jeff, hope you have a busy season – we are all looking forward to that! Sadly no glasses of champagne on the table yet, it’s early in the morning but I’m sure we’ll manage to have a glass together later on!

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