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Champagne Thiénot creates a space dedicated to wine tourism in the heart of Reims
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Champagne Thiénot, a new setting dedicated to wine tourism in the city centre of Reims in 2025

“We are pleased to share with you a unique wine tourism project that has been driving us for some time: the opening in 2025 of a signature place, imbued with the philosophy of the House, in the heart of Reims.”

“With 3 rue du Marc, we intend to forge closer ties with the general public and make our history known,” explains Garance Thienot, project leader with Stanislas Thienot.

A major wine tourism project is about to take shape in a historic street of de la cité des Sacres in a private mansion. The public will be able to discover what used to take place at the rue du marc. During the harvest, the street was overflowing with champagne marc.

This space is ideally located in the heart of historic Reims, 5 minutes from the Cathedral, near the breathtaking Place du Forum and Reims train station.

Alain Thienot saw a great potential when he bought the 4,900 m2 over ten years ago. The Thienot family initially thought of setting up its headquarters there, but the house at three rue du marc will now take on a completely different destination, wine tourism. On the terrace, there will be an installation of a champagne bar. A garden of scents, and the cellar, which dates from the 14th century, should house a winery.

“Connoisseurs or novices, adults or children, will discover a surprising scenography where history, know-how and tasting will mix. The visit will also appeal to the 5 senses through a garden of scents, a modern winery, and a breathtaking view of the Cathedral. A sleek and elegant layout redesigned by our architect Loïc Thiénot and Malherbe Paris.”

This amazing site should open in 2025, just in time to celebrate Champagne Thiénot’s 40th birthday!


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