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Homemade foie gras with Champagne Thiénot Cuvée Alain
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Olivier shares his favourite dish and wine pairing at Christmas.🎄🍾

“I love cooking, and I find it very therapeutic. I love trying new things, trying them out a few times until I feel ready to serve them to my friends. There is more pressure at Christmas as you don’t want to mess up!

I have been making my foie gras for four years now. It is actually really easy and only takes about half an hour to make. I looked at tutorials on YouTube to perfect my recipe. We go every year to the family in Brittany, and I make it there. I go shopping in the local market a few days before Christmas eve, so I have time to prepare it as it takes 48 hours to set. Everyone is always looking forward to my homemade foie gras. I make it with a Sauternes jelly. Last year I made a mango chutney to go with it, but this Christmas, I am going to try a new fig chutney recipe.

I am loving the Cuvée Alain Thiénot 2008 at the moment, so I am really looking forward to trying it with my foie gras. I will be enjoying a couple of glasses while I am cooking also.

I am also going to serve my foie gras with Vouvray moelleux St Martin from Benoit Gautier, a star in Vouvray! We shipped earlier on this year as we all fell in love with this wine. The sugar is well balanced by an energetic mouth, persistent, with biting acidity. Barley sugar, candied quince, dried apricot, and beeswax. Beautiful bottle! That is my perfect Christmas”

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