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Domaine de Valdition - A beautiful estate in Provence
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Located in the heart of Provence, in the magnificent Alpilles region, lies Domaine de Valdition, a breathtaking natural space of 240 hectares of olive trees, garrigue and vines laden with history.

Vallon des Anges rosé – Launch offer

The Alpilles region

In the Alpilles mountains, the traditional cultivation of vines and olive trees and its forests of pines and holm oaks ensure the quality and sustainability of the landscape.

Apilles region

The Valdition estate was a very popular place for the Romans, who had built several villas there. During the Renaissance period, François 1st, King of France, donated this estate to his natural daughter Caroline de Prévôt. She married the Sieur Dacla de Chateaubert, whose family kept the estate for four centuries.

The vineyards at Valdition cover 90 hectares, at the confluence of three major growing regions: Rhône Valley, Provence and Languedoc. Domaine de Valdition grow a wide range of grape varieties and produces white, rosé and red wines denomination of IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) Alpilles and AOP Côteaux d’Aix en Provence.

Domaine de Valdition is a trendy estate to visit, and their wines are present on most tables in the Saint-Rémy de Provence and Eygalieres area.

Our visit to Valdition

Last year, we met up with our old friend Gael Blanchon, Director at Valdition, and Christophe Galez visited Valdition on his previous tour to the Rhone in March this year. He found the estate spectacular; it starts with a long drive with vines on either side to arrive at a beautiful building.

Christophe Galez and Gael Blanchon

The entire estate production has been conducted in organic farming since 2006.

“Organic farming means no use of herbicides that contaminate soils, lead to resistant weeds and jeopardize the consumer. We work the soil gently to eliminate weeds. Tilling aerates the soil, mineralizes organic matter, and reduces water stress during the summer. Tilling discourages the vines’ shallow roots and encourages the roots to go deeper and deeper.

Agro-chemical mineral fertilizers are not used in organic farming. Such mineral fertilizers and herbicides are a significant source of pollution for groundwater and watercourses. We prefer organic composts and farm manure that nourish the soil directly and the vine indirectly. These organic materials’ slow, sustainable mineralization nurtures the vines more smoothly and gradually.

Respect and love for this land have prompted the Valdition team to take an ever-more environmental approach. We have moved from responsible farming to organic farming. Domaine de Valdition wines are the fruit of constant work with a single objective: the search for quality.”

30 hectares of beautiful Mediterranean olive trees

The olive groves cover 30 hectares and are organically grown. The olive oil produced is made exclusively from their olives. The harvest is done by hand from late October until early December.

The olive groves at Domaine de Valdition include all the olive varieties from the Baux Valley: Aglandau, Salonenque, Grossanne, and Verdale.

Vallon des Anges rosé – New listing 

We have listed the flagship wine of the Estate – Vallon des Anges.

Made with Cinsault (35%) Grenache (55%) Vermentino (10%), and hand harvested at night on magnificent stony hillsides in Roquemartine.

Soil composition at Domaine de Valdition naturally limits yield, which is very conducive to the quality of the wines.

Le Vallon des Anges is an exceptional rosé combining freshness, minerality and complexity. The palate is round and elegant and dominated by citrus notes.

A beautiful wine as an aperitif, this stunning rosé also pairs well with sushi, sashimi, marinated fish and prawn skewers. It is perfect with Mediterranean cuisine!

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