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Food and Dourthe wines pairing
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What to drink with Beef Wellington?

Dourthe recently started doing some great food pairings with their wines. Today we pair the traditional Beef Wellington with Château le Boscq and Grand Vin de Ricaud

Beef Wellington is a traditional dish on festive tables in Great Britain. The origins of its name dates back the Napoleonic Wars. Coming from French gastronomy, the “crusted beef fillet” concentrates rich flavours : the fillet is rounded with a mix of mushrooms flavoured either with spices, foie gras or truffles, according to the recipes, and then wrapped in a crusty paste.

Equally popular in France and in England – the first recipes appear in 17th-century records – the dish was named Beef Wellington after the battle of Waterloo, to honour Sir Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington.


Medoc Pairing

We like pairing Château Le Boscq with beef wellington. Château Le Boscq is a great valued top red St. Estèphe. It has a perfect balance between the fruit and oaky nuances and tannins are so silky. Beef Wellington deserves  the very best aged red wine and Château Le Bosq is definitely that!

Côtes de Bordeaux Pairing

If you are keen on Côtes de Bordeaux wines, discover the charms of Grand Vin du Chateau de Ricaud. This jewel of a wine, produced in small quantities from a majority of Cabernets on a gravels, perfectly expresses the great terroir of Ricaud. Full-bodied, velvety and well-balanced, this Cadillac-Côtes de Bordeaux will ideally match with the rich flavours of the delicious Beef Wellington.

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