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Perfect Pairing in Decanter Magazine - leftover cheeses and Aligoté
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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news! Our Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Jérome Chézeaux has been featured in the latest edition of Decanter Magazine’s perfect pairing section.

The spotlight is on an ingenious recipe called “fromage fort”. A delightful way to transform leftover cheese ends into a mouthwatering cheese spread, elevated with wine, sweet butter, and shallots or garlic.

Discovering Fromage Fort: A Culinary Revelation and a Cheese Lover’s Delight

Have you ever wondered what to do with those leftover bits of cheese? Decanter Magazine has unveiled the answer with their featured recipe, fromage fort, from “Les Dames D’Escoffier” coobook. This inventive and delicious cheese spread utilizes those bits and ends of cheese that often linger in our fridges. A sustainable and flavourful solution to minimize waste, fromage fort has captured our attention, and it’s certainly finding a spot on our must-try list!

Wine Critic Fiona Beckett’s Perfect Pairing Recommendation

Food and wine Expert Fiona Beckett has recommended classic French whites in various styles as the ideal companions for this unique cheese dish. Fiona has highlighted our very own Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Jérome Chézeaux.

Why Bourgogne Aligoté?

Bourgogne Aligoté from Domaine Jérome Chézeaux proves to be an excellent choice for this perfect pairing.

“It’s easy to forget about Aligoté when it comes to Burgundy, but the grape can be a brilliant go-to when you need a good-value, crisp white with moderate alcohol, and a lively aromatic profile. The acidity will cut through the creamy cheese, the lemon peel notes providing a refreshing contrast. As well as a zesty citrus character, this has an underlying gunflint smokiness. Drink 2024-2027.” 91 Points, March 2024



Read More and Try the Recipe

Curious to explore this delectable pairing further? Dive into the Decanter Magazine article for the full details on the fromage fort recipe and Fiona Beckett’s insights.

As you embark on this culinary adventure, don’t forget to try the dish alongside a glass of Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Jérome Chézeaux. Cheers to the perfect pairing and the joy of discovering new flavours!




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