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Canard-Duchêne’s passion stems from a unique blend of family values and an identity deeply rooted in the Champagne region. It all started with the love of Victor Canard and Léonie Duchêne. In 1868, they created the eponymous Maison Canard-Duchêne, driven by a bold vision: to reveal the exceptional potential of their hillside village, located in the heart of the Montagne de Reims.

The Canard-Duchêne estate lies in Ludes, in the heart of the vineyards of the Montagne de Reims countryside. The landscaping of the historic site at Ludes in 2013 preceded the inscription of Champagne in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2016. It bears witness to the commitment of Canard-Duchêne with regard to its heritage.

Carved out of the chalk by hand in the 19th century, the old cellars of the Château de Ludes have been completely refurbished. They range over 6 kilometres and 4 levels, lying 12 to 38 meters below ground. They contain the true treasures of over 16 million bottles.

This iconic grape variety is the symbol the House. It draws its strength from the remarkable soil of the Montagne de Reims, the fruit of 70 million years of evolution and the unique combination of chalk, sand, clay and limestone. Champagne Canard-Duchêne owes its style to the power and elegance of Pinot Noir. It accounts for between 40% and 70% of the House’s wine composition.

A real craftsman, Laurent Fédou is driven by instinct and curiosity. He uses those characteristics as his inspiration for rethinking the art of champagne making without neglecting tradition. Since 2003, Fédou has brought a sense of joy and creativity to the Maison Canard-Duchêne. “In my opinion, the soul of pinot noir lies in its subtlety, finesse, elegance, and refinement”. Laurent Fédou, Cellarmaster Canard-Duchêne

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