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The unique story of “Chaumes des Perrieres” by Raymond Dupont Fahn
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The story of Bourgogne “Chaumes des Perrieres” by Raymond Dupont Fahn is so unique that we love sharing it!

Raymond and Michel Dupont-Fahn

Bourgogne “Chaumes des Perrieres” is essentially a declassified Meursault “Sous le dos d’âne”.

Son of Michel and Leslie Dupont-Fahn, Raymond Dupont-Fahn (on the left next to Michel) is a fifth-generation winemaker and has worked closely with his father and grandfather from an early age. He started to manage his own Domaine of five hectares at the age of 21.

Raymond Dupont-Fahn’s grandfather, Jean, created the Domaine in 1975 in the heart of the Côte de Beaune. For the record, at that time, Jean felt that his plot of Meursault straddling “Les Perrières” and “Sous le dos d’âne” was too rocky. With the agreement of the INAO, 20 cm of topsoil was deposited on the land. A few years later, complaints from some neighbours led to the site being downgraded to a Bourgogne appellation.

Nearly 50 years later, despite the declassification, this continues to be an excellent site that is located just above Coche-Dury’s own vineyards, and the roots penetrate deep below the rocks of “Sous le dos d’âne” whilst also benefiting from the climate and terroir of Chaumes des Perrières.

Having never regained its place in the Premier Cru, the plot nevertheless produces superb wines.

This story, undeniably unique in Burgundy, attracts curious people and buyers, and it is now very difficult to obtain these wines. We are very proud to have listed Raymond’s wines and his “Chaumes des Perrieres” since 2003.

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