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The unique Sydonios glasses for the ultimate tasting
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We recently partnered with Sydonios and their wonderful wine glasses and decanter.

Sydonios glasses are marked by their incredible finesse and mouth blown in the purest tradition of the master glassmakers of Bohemia.

 Sydonios wine glasses marry oenological precision with feather lightness. The ultimate experience for drinking wine!

Finesse and feather lightness

Only the ancestral method of mouth-blowing makes it possible to craft the finest glasses.
The oenological precision of Sydonios glasses is unrivalled, thanks to a science-led approach involving more than 100 fine wine experts.

The perfect proportions

The perfect proportions of series [1.3] and [1.4] allow your fine wines an unprecedented fullness of expression. Sydonios glasses leave nothing to chance.

Each of these glasses is unique and respects the precise ratios that make it truly singular. From height to maximum diameter and rim diameter, every parameter is optimised

The art of self-effacement

Sydonios glasses are closely monitored throughout the manufacturing process. They are mouth-blown in a traditional manner by master glassmakers to our very strict specifications. This ensures that each glass possesses the physical properties necessary to deliver a perfect tasting experience every time.

The feather lightness of the glass renders it almost invisible, leaving the wine to take center stage.

L’Esthète -Crafted to accompany powerful, tannic fine red wine

L’Esthète is a beautifully simple and subtle glass. With a bowl of 65mm diameter, it is ideally suited to fine wines with power and tannic structure.

L’Universel – Crafted for Burgundy, Champagne, white and sweet wine

When this glass was conceived, there were three priorities: finesse, elegance and versatility. L’Universel offers a refined form suited to all styles of wine. It was unanimously chosen by a panel of professional tasters, as evidenced by a few of their comments: “Perfect form, extremely expressive aromatics, incredible balance”.

They are made with lead-free crystal and dishwasher safe.

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