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Champagne Launch
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The meeting between urban painting and champagne is a story of friendship born a few years ago between Speedy Graphito and Garance Thiénot. The artist signed in 2016 a first red and gold edition around the rabbits and emoticons, then a second one in 2018 with a work in homage to the cathedral of Reims and its stained-glass windows, predominantly blue.

Both editions have met with a great reception and a real enthusiasm.

The TRILOGY with the Street Art artist Speedy Graphito continues in 2020 ! Around the victorious and living nature personified by the colour green, Speedy celebrates a return to the roots, a revival.

“This new edition is in line with my current artistic research and concerns. It refers to my foliage series which represents a victorious and living nature. Flora regains power. In a world where it still seems to be ignored a little too much, it reminds us that champagne comes above all from the earth. It is therefore an ecological inspiration, a reflection on the near future. » Speedy Graphito

NATURE is omnipresent. It manifests itself through a weaving of branches, foliage and stones that seem to come from a forgotten civilization. The branches seem to have climbed around the magnum to cover it with organic and sensual lace.  The construction games form totems that give a sacred dimension to the work. One guesses a temple dedicated to nature and to this elixir with festive virtues that is champagne, personified by the colour gold.

Symbol of French art, the angel with the smile of the cathedral of Reims completes this spirituality. He is covered with leaves and flowers as if chosen for a new revival. It also recalls the Cathedral of Reims, which remains a strong symbol of the Champagne-Ardennes region and the city of Reims.

“Champagne, the sap of life, offers the energy necessary for this metamorphosis”. Speedy Graphito

An expression of the creative audacity of the House, this third work by Speedy Graphito is an artistic trilogy between tradition and modernity.

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