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What is a Viñedo Singular wine?
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You may have heard of an appellation called Viñedo Singular wine in Spain but don’t know the exact regulations and quality requirements to enter this restrictive category. So what is a Viñedo Singular wine?

This is the highest quality category of the D.O.Ca Rioja, which recognises the uniqueness of a vineyard which, due to its characteristics, is different and distinct from those of its surroundings, and from which wines with exceptional qualities are obtained. Currently there are 121 Viñedos Singulares that represent, only, 203 certified hectares of the more than 65,000 that the appellation protects (less than I%). Of those 203 hectares, 32 belong to Finca La Emperatriz: almost 15% of the total.

Entering this restrictive category requires, among many others, the following specific production and quality requirements for the vineyard and for the wine:

  • Minimum age of the vineyard: 35 years.
  • Harvested manually.
  • Sustainable viticulture.
  • Absolute traceability from the vine to the bottle.
  • Yields 30% lower than the rest of Rioja.

Once all previous requirements have been fulfilled, the wine must finally undergo a qualification process with two evaluations by the tasting panel of the Regulatory Council, obtaining an excellent rating of, at least, 93/ I 00 points. A requirement, which so far; is leaving 30% of the wines tasted out.

Finca La Emperatriz red and white 2017 are Vinedo Singular wines

This Vinedo Singular mention is exhibited on their labels and will be evaluated in each new vintage with the same rigorous qualification process. Without a doubt, a clear synonym of quality.

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