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Sustainability first!!

The interest in the improvement of the environment has always been one of the key points in the philosophy at Mauro Molino winery.

Since the beginning, Mauro (father and founder) wanted to follow an idea of respectful viticulture, always using less invasive methods.
Over the years, this was passed down onto  the second generation, who, inspired by him, decided to participate in the project of INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT, by using more and more methods of organic viticulture and always less chemicals.

Luckily, in the last years, their colleagues and neighbours became interested in the respect of the environment, and some of them are already participating in projects that are very similar to the ones at Molino. This is fundamental because the work done at Molino would be wasted and contaminated.

Cover Crop Method
One of their new project is the COVER CROP METHOD. 

A cover crop is a crop of a specific plant that is grown primarily for the benefit of the soil rather than the crop yield. Cover crops are commonly used to suppress weeds, manage soil erosion, help build and improve soil fertility and quality, control diseases and pests, and promote biodiversity.
Cover crops are typically grasses or legumes but may be comprised of other green plants.
Here below two examples of our the vineyard of Nebbiolo (in the first image you see the cover crop just after the sowing, in the second one in the middle of the flowering)

Installation of two totem in Conca and Gallinotto vineyards!

They have recently installed new totem in two of their most representative vineyards, to show wine lovers, distributors and friends where the wines come from.

Barbera d’Asti Project

Mauro Molino winery started a new project in 2015, when they decided to buy a vineyard in the Monferrato area.

With this Barbera we want to look at the past, at our home territory, at our roots…
Our family, first of all our grandfather Giuseppe Molino, comes from the territory of Asti; the view of this Barbera vineyard enchanted us and these wonderful hills made us feel at home”.That’s why we have chosen the name “Radici”(Roots) to represent the perfect bond to this territory and to our family which keeps us firmly anchored with its roots.
For our Barbera, we have selected a plot in the municipality of Costigliole d’Asti, one of the most suitable areas for the production of the great Barbera d’Asti Docg.

Elegance and aromaticity

One of the big pillars at Mauro Molino Winery, together with the SUSTAINABILITY APPROACH  is the CONCEPT OF ELEGANCE and AROMATICITY.
They believe in great wines, elegant and captivating. The wine elegance comes from  its pleasantness, balance, complexity and smoothness.

They seek to highlight aroma as a dimension of uniqueness and distinction. This is the ability of a wine to make itself memorable, with delicate force. 

We believe that the features of the terroir are the signature of the nature, not of the winemaker.
That’s why we follow similar vinification methods for all our wines: it is the ability of the vines that defines its character, according to the area and microclimate in which it grows.

Our aim is to produce very elegant wines starting from the first years after the bottling, wines with a great potential of ageing but at the same time very approachable and pleasant even when older.

Info on wines on our list

We would like to share with you three different videos in which Martina and Matteo Molino explain the characteristics of their single Vineyards Barolo.




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