Wine Tasting video with Sara Cortese from Mauro Molino Winery
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Watch our video with Sara Cortese from Mauro Molino Winery in La Morra in the heart of Barolo country.

It was great talking to Sara about their brand new tasting room, made of glass and metal, this impressive building looks over the vineyards and offers some stunning views. They launched it a couple of weeks ago virtually…we can’t wait to see it for real!

Mauro Molino have always had strong commitment towards the environment and sustainability. They love the use of COVER CROPS and its many benefits!

  •  It increases the soil fertility

  •  It manages the soil erosion

  • It’s a fantastic biodiversity in the vineyards!

We tasted 2 fantastic wines with Sara.

These wines are a great introduction to the range from Molino. Molino produce some truly superb single Vineyards, Gallinotto, Vigna Conca and Bricco Luciani.

Purchase here a case of 2 bottles and watch the tasting here
Full list of Mauro Molino wines

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