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Weddings and Events
Weddings and Events

Choosing the wines for your wedding can be a daunting experience as you want your guests to enjoy the wines you picked, but with the right help, it should be one of the most fun parts of your wedding planning.

We have successfully helped many couples choose their wines for their big day, so you’ve come to the right place!

Couples usually decide on the menu and then pair them with the wines, but we have also done the other way around, with dish recommendations to go with our wines.

We will help you to calculate the right quantities, so you feel confident that you have ordered the correct number of bottles. We know how wedding spending can go out of control, so that we will keep a tight leash on budgets!

Our wines are sold in the best restaurants in the UK, so we are confident that we have a world-class portfolio. We pride ourselves on being able to offer outstanding wines that aren’t available in retailers. Wines that your guests will remember long after your wedding.

We are offering 10% of our wines for your wedding – Discount code to use at checkout is WEDDING10. Please get in touch for help and further discounts.

For more info and advice, please email [email protected]

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